Health Equity and Inclusion

We offer specialized resources and learning opportunities regardless of race or ethnic group, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender, age, mental health, cognitive sensory or disability, socioeconomic status, or geographical location. Learn more below!

Health Care Quality, Equity and Inclusion

Breaking down barriers and improving the nation’s quality of life

Rainmakers is committed to working closely with you as a trusted partner to advance health equity and reduce health disparities.

Rainmakers has a proven track record of success in developing and implementing innovative, evidence-based solutions to improve health outcomes and promote health equity. Our team of experts has experience in areas such as public health, healthcare administration, community engagement, research, quality measurement, and quality improvement.

Our health equity consulting service offers a range of services to government agencies and healthcare organizations, including:

Health Equity Assessments

We conduct comprehensive assessments of organizations to identify areas where health disparities may exist and provide a health equity action plan with tailored recommendations.

Training and Education

We offer training and education programs to healthcare professionals, policymakers, and community organizations to promote awareness and understanding of health equity issues.

Research and Evaluation

We conduct research and evaluation studies to identify best practices and assess the effectiveness of health equity initiatives.

Strategic Planning​

We conduct research and evaluation studies to identify best practices and assess the effectiveness of health equity initiatives.

Additional Information

Download our Health Equity Solutions Collateral.

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