Rainmakers Awarded the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Strategic Planning and Technical Services Support Contract

Ellicott City, MD – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) awarded Rainmakers Strategic Solutions LLC (Rainmakers) the Office of the Associate Director for Policy and Strategy, Strategic Planning and Technical Services and Support contract. Rainmakers will provide the CDC with expertise in such disciplines as strategic planning, instructional design, program monitoring and evaluation, graphic design, health policy, and project management. We will support OADPS as it serves as an agency-wide resource to enhance the effectiveness and impact of its work.

“Expanding our CDC partnership beyond multiple COVID-19 research and meeting planning services allows us to support its mission-critical public health and policy efforts across a wide range of areas. The team looks forward to helping the OADPS provide direction, standards, and technical assistance to many CDC programs impacting citizens across the country.”

Rainmakers will provide a variety of Tasks as CDC needs arise, which may include the following:

  • Trainings: Designing, developing, and facilitating in-person and virtual trainings on a range of policy, evaluation, and public health topics, including webinars, roundtables, seminars, and/or workshops.
  • Specialized Services: Providing technical assistance, coaching, or completing tasks related to program and policy design, evaluations, and/or analysis.
  • Meeting Facilitation: Performing the full range of pre-meeting, on-site, and post-meeting support for virtual or in-person meetings where groups discuss and work through policy, operations management, organizational, and/or process improvement applications.
  • Policy Academy Support: Supporting a CDC Fellow’s training program that improves the ability to apply policy for improving the public’s health with a focus on policy analysis, system thinking, and stakeholder engagement. Support includes developing and delivering the course curriculum with the CDC; organizing the Open House; coordinating speaker needs; securing space, equipment, and materials; helping manage graduation ceremonies; evaluating the program; and developing an after-action report.
  • Evaluation Framework Update: Providing logistical support to the Workgroup through a discovery session and engagement, facilitating discussions to prioritize and reach consensus on recommendations as part of the CDC’s efforts to update the Framework for Program Evaluation by its 25th anniversary in 2024.

For this effort, Rainmakers partners with Olive Branch Government Services (OBGS) to deliver on this important task. OBGS takes pride in supporting key healthcare changes that positively affect communities. As a practice, we closely follow health policy that directly impacts communities, through a health equity lens and arm our customers with the tools to respond deliberately. It is our goal to challenge social disparities through providing adequate research and communication consulting tools for our clients to act as an ally for communities. As we tackle the social and economic concerns, we hope to change the future of the healthcare world for the better.

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