Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS)

The Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) contract is a partnership between the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

This initiative resulted in the joint management of a new strategically sourced, indefinite-delivery indefinite-quantity (IDIQ) government-wide contract to support OPM’s Training and Management Assistance (TMA) program, and provides customized human capital management and training services to all agencies.

HCaTS contracts provide federal agencies with a flexible, reliable, fast and efficient way to obtain the best value solutions for their complex human capital and training requirements.

About Rainmakers-LinkVisum LLC

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Rainmakers-LinkVisum LLC is a Small Business Administration 8(a) joint venture formed by Rainmakers Strategic Solutions LLC and LinkVisum Consulting Group, Inc., specializing in Human Capital Management, Learning and Development, Stakeholder Engagement, Program Management, Data Analysis/Data Visualization, and Business Process Management. We provide our clients with a diverse team of experts from various industries, with a passion for knowledge and an unquenchable desire for excellence.

Our seasoned professionals apply decades of consulting experience to provide inventive but practical solutions to assist federal government clients representing 10 cabinet departments, and analyze, implement, and manage major transformations at the enterprise, component, and individual levels.

Rainmakers-LinkVisum LLC is a GSA Human Capital and Training Services (HCaTS) 8(a) contract holder with both Pool 1 and Pool 2.  The HCaTS contract is a government-wide agency contract (GWAC) offering federal agencies a comprehensive scope of services to benefit government employees and stakeholders, delivered in web-based, traditional, and integrated modules and platforms.

Unique Entity Identifier (UEI): M54XCLBLTFV7

Rainmakers-LinkVisum LLC HCaTS Capabilities

Pool 1 Capabilities – Customized Training and Employee Development Services

  • Training Program Management Support
  • Technical Skills & Knowledge Training
  • Career Development & Management
  • Leadership, Management & Supervisory Training/Development
  • General Skills & Knowledge Training Development & Coaching

In support of the development of customized training solutions and employee development, Rainmakers-LinkVisum LLC brings extensive training experience and expertise to HCaTS Pool 1 in support of federal clients. Across a wide range of federal government clients, the Rainmakers-LinkVisum LLC team has developed and implemented comprehensive training and education modules via web-based, traditional, and integrated modules and platforms.

The Rainmakers-LinkVisum LLC’s team is comprised of professionals with advanced degrees in adult education and instructional design plus decades of experience creating eLearning products, including expert Instructional Designers, subject matter experts, and session facilitators deeply versed in the development and implementation of the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation) model. They are highly skilled in multimedia development that engages audiences and builds skills and knowledge. They apply decades of consulting experience to provide inventive but practical solutions to assist federal government clients at all levels of engagement.

Our team utilizes an agile, iterative, and customer-focused approach to designing training solutions that identify and address customer needs, aligning technical skills with the soft skills necessary to improve client outcomes. Our approach ensures that we develop and present content in a manner that the audience can understand adopting user-centric approaches. Our approach incorporates interactive techniques suitable for both virtual and in-person delivery such as breakout sessions, scenario-based learning, live polling, knowledge assessments, and videos to maximize engagement and learning.

Our team will present deep content in a clear and organized format to make complex concepts accessible to all learners. We include knowledge checks as industry best practices to keep learners engaged, reinforce concepts, and promote retention. Often, in alignment with adult learning best practices, we employ “edutainment” tactics such as live-action videos or animated interactive scenarios, to entertain as we train.

Pool 2 Capabilities – Human Capital Strategy and Organizational Process Improvement

  • Talent Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Integrated Business Management
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Knowledge & Competency Management
  • Organizational Assessment & Transformation
  • Performance Metrics Improvement
  • Strategic Planning & Alignment
  • Facilitation
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Process Improvement & Reengineering

In support of the development of customized Human Capital Strategy and Organizational Process Improvement solutions, Rainmakers-LinkVisum LLC brings extensive experience and expertise working closely with our clients to understand their current state and define the future state of their organization post transformative change, grasp the scope of change, anticipate barriers to change, and develop effective change management interventions to minimize disruption.

Our team serves clients through the full lifecycle of the transformational change, helping them prepare for, manage, and reinforce change in all aspects of the organization by measuring and aligning an organization’s human capital with its business strategy to produce positive business results. Rainmakers-LinkVisum LLC can help your organization capitalize on any transformational change effort.

Our team has developed and tested a comprehensive approach to address all the strategic components of human capital. Effective human capital strategies require companies to view human resources not as a uniform function but rather as a portfolio of distinct activities that deliver different kinds of value.

We help clients maximize the value gained from their employees, and in turn, employees benefit from a more positive work culture. We collaborate with you to analyze and enhance systems to manage human capital from hiring, to training and development, and succession planning. We help you assess whether you have the right people in the right place at the right time, and whether your human capital management systems are optimized to deliver you organizational success in order to support the continuous alignment of your organization’s human performance objectives with your overall business goals.

Rainmakers-LinkVisum LLC HCaTS Contracts

Rainmakers-LinkVisum LLC Key Personnel

Denise Rainey

President and CEO of Rainmakers




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